medical-paperworkMinimize errors, maximize profits

  • Pinpoint Clerical Errors
  • Protect Against Audits
  • Increase Receivables & Reimbursement
  • Personalized, Detailed Reports
  • Certified Expert Review
  • Take Corrective Actions

As you know, one wrong turn with Medicare can jeopardize your whole practice.  Wish you could eliminate coding errors and achieve total compliance?

AuditGuard provides a comprehensive analysis of your business, identifies risks and compliance problems, and provides measures to increase your company’s rate of reimbursement.

How AuditGuard works for you.

  • Complete Review of your coding process, billing system, and reimbursements by certified experts
  • Detailed report identifying specific errors
  • Personal consultation recomending corrective measures to improve workflow
  • Support and training to implement the highest level of compliance

With AuditGuard, your company has the ability to take control of compliance risks and optimize efficiency.